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Lochgilphead Bowling Club was formed in 1950 in its current location at Bank Park, Lochgilphead following the Local Burgh Councils agreement to let the existing Municipal area to the newly formed Club. 


The Honorary President was John B. Ross and the first President of the new Lochgilphead Bowling Club was Dr. John D McCallum of Duncraoibhan, Manse Brae, Lochgilphead and Vice-President was Provost John Brodie.  The Club had 18 - 24 playing members in its first years, rising steadily after its formation, when in 1963 there were 54 members and todays club has peaked at just over 60 members. 


The Gents Championship, “Duncraoibhan Trophy”, has seen many Club Stalwarts lift the title, with George Young and Stewart Taylor being the most successful players, with 8 Championships each.  The inaugural title was won in 1951 by local man, Don Douglas.


The Ladies section grew steadily also, and with the introduction of the Crawford Championship trophy the following year ( 1952) and by 1981 the Club had more Lady Members than the Men’s section.


After securing ownership of the Green and the surrounding land in 1984, the Club then managed to form its new Clubhouse on the site in 1989, which was opened by Dr. Ian McCallum and his wife, Dr. Ian being the son of the original president. 


Today’s Club, leading into 2020 has a friendly atmosphere with a wide variety of playing and social members.  The Club would always welcome new members of all ages and would encourage all parties to participate in our practice sessions where coaching, advice and encouragement would be given.   If you would like more information please use the Contact Us Section.

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